I am familiar with the Harvard study you cite-it proves that individuals can assert control over their body temperature using meditation and breathing. This is interesting and surprising, as it is extremely rare and hard to do. However, it says nothing whatsoever about chi despite your assertions but you leap from this to claim it to prove your own supernatural beliefs, which is a bit sly.

I will hunt out the papers on Chi testing that failed to record any chi energy whatsoever. There is also a relatively recent video of medical doctors and physicists in the US wiring up so-called Chi Masters to test for any unusual energy when they claimed to be projecting chi. They detected nothing. I will post them when I find them again.

That said, as I said to Neko, you are asking me for proof of a negative. The onus is on you to prove chi exists if you assert this. The article you cite does not do it and in fact no such proof exists so I do not really expect to see it.

But guess what, according to this guy Chi is a gas. Unfortunately it seems to be an undetectable gas so inert that no one can identify it:

However this martial artist is closer to my position and explains the logical standpoint very well: