"Brad stated that even the anicent Greeks beleieved in some type of method of energy channeling."

Please don't use me to back up your beliefs-I said the Greeks believed this because they apparently did and it was possibly the source of TCM and I made very clear that the ancient Greeks 2.5 thousand years ago were as mistaken as TCM practicioners then and now. Again you confuse reality and belief (they really believed it but it does not make it real!)

"There is proof in touch in that two or three slight strikes to certain points of the body weaken or collaspes the body."

Nothing to do with ki though. I have seen people hit quite lightly and show strong reactions that you might expect only from a hard strike and I have done it myself and been on the receiving end. However there are numerous reasons why this can happen, all of them physical (relating to stimulation of nerve bundles and firing off measurable electricity in muscles for example) none of them requiring mystical and undemonstrable chi energy.

"And that rubbing or massaging these points can help heal certain illiness."

Again with the crazy claims (which illnesses, who and where?) that you decline to substantiate...


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