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Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist"

456 - I agree but what exist to one doesn't mean it is reality to another, which is why we have our debate.

I only used the thought of Magic to say that people believe in different things and some base/waste an entire life on it. My reply to Brad was a little vage because he seems to be asking for proof over the internet. There is proof in touch in that two or three slight strikes to certain points of the body weaken or collaspes the body. And that rubbing or massaging these points can help heal certain illiness.

As for kata being the fix all heal all I don't beleive that. I don't believe Kata teaches how to fight it is after thought as in knowing a topic and reserching it. After learning how to fight you can see fighting method in the form. Probably the same way in given a speech you can refine it by using a diticonary/Kata.

I do believe that there are fighting Kata and energy storing/short range delivery forms that open the door to Neija training. Kata doesn't fix or solve anything its just part of turning the key to open the door. There is no magic.

One Chi/Ki exponent used this simple explaination. We understand that under stress the body is capable of great speed & power, As in the small mother lifting a Tractor or Car off her Son. This is called an andrenlin rush or ADR for short. He goes on to state, "Imagne being able to summon this type energy up at will. It's not magic its already part of our make up, I believe". I find it in all of my training from Silat, Goju,... to Jujitsu. Brad stated that even the anicent Greeks beleieved in some type of method of energy channeling.

I hear some people talk about being afraid in a fight. This changes slightly weather this is experience from being there and doing it or Mental re-channelling the feeling, that same fear can be channel to make us move faster and be more powerful. Its part of beleiving I am a layman and purposely fall in the bunch of no deep explaination for things I know works for me. There is a reason we train the way we do, there is a reason why Neija base system think the was way we do. Ideals are a part of our Training.

I find it interesting in that similar trained exponents see things differently when I see it in their movement and training, maybe a case of whatever works with no explaination taken to heart. Or maybe a scienitific explanation that explains the event without the metphors. What one believes is a powerful thing, in that it sets his views.

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