456 - Our own reality is based on the facts gathered from the things we've experienced and believe as fact or works for us. This is the basic of how and why some people see things differently.

I think you're use of 'reality' is different (correct but different) to the common definition.


Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist"


I believe in herbal, massage/accupressure and body healing by touch..

Different aspects of the above things sit both sides of a blurred line. I think we are sitting on opposite sides of that line!


...I also believe in Chi/Ki and prayer there are somethings that facts and evidence don't explain and is why medical science don't have the answer to all illiness.

Medical science does not have all the answers because it is still young. I'm not saying that it ever will have all the answers. But just because it does not understand something, does not mean the answer is magic.
Also I'm quite sure science has looked to some extent into both prayer and ki/chi. The evidence is there to be interpretted.


So when someone experience healing or power outside the norm I don't question it as much as I do try to understand it.

You must question it to understand it. Otherwise you can end up beliving thing like smoking allows you to live to old age etc.


I have witness know of and have experience force that I can't reproduce under normal situation but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I may sound way out but really I'm middle of the road unlike some of my Senseis and other famous teachers I know of.



I don't believe in the benifit of the use magic Mushrooms, Snake oil wine, or Hashi induced medidation that causes enhance Chi developement like aura force fields, figures on the wall to move and tell secrets or Transculadental flight or Dimensional travel. So you see I am nearer to you then we are different. Like you I believe the evidnce shows that these jokers where just high.

So scientific evidence can be used to validate these claims, but not others? How do you decided which 'alternative medicine' falls under the banner of science. IMO all do.


My reality is not their's, by a mile or least by a joint.

IMO it would be far better for the actual benifits of karate/kata training to be honestly and acurately assessed. I'm sure that way it could be better ustilised.

Off topic. This is my same thoughts when it comes to application of kata. IMO more karateka should moved away from the 'kata does everything' 'kata training has no weaknesses' etc etc POV. I'm sure the debates wouldn't be kata vs. mma or what ever, but perhaps functional training (including kata) vs disfunctional training.

Neko, I found your last post difficult to understand! Sorry.

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