It's seems to be a pattern from beginner to Master that the healing and destroying process of the Neija Martial arts are one.

The merdians and points to concentrate on are rubbed or struck in reverse in order to heal or destroy also breathing enhances these effects. This is a discipline that is part of Africa, Phillopiness and Indo-Asian arts as well Eastern Asian in my studies the 5 element principles have different names but the near same applications and principles.

Goju/Naha-Te from the 1st 6 month on you hear and train aspect of Ki/Chi developement channeling it and harvesting it to heal or destroy. This is started in the simple KATA of Sanchin the Naha-Te student is told that this is a Kata that he will practice throughtout kyu level well into his Dan ranking in this art, its purpose is to open the door to Iron shrit training. Most Naha-Te exponent go on to study Hsing-I/Bagua, Tachi Chaun, Yoga, or Silat to further harnashes and control this energy. As in the Goju Soke Miyagi in his study of Pakua and Tachi and his Student Toguchi a Yoga practictioner. I'm sure others followed a similar study but I know these two and many people that I've trained and studied with. In Naha-Te warm up exercise the toes and ankle are limbered up, lots of points on the foot.

I personally use the Tensho and Sanchin for stress relife. Also external muscular, tendon and internal organ strengthening. I know that I can deliever and with stand a heavier blow to the body if I breath during it. It is said that Breath is Life in the Internal arts of Neija, in this concept you see Float, Swallow, Spit, Sink theroy and the Iron Cotton concept all seen and started as part of Naha-Te training. Now I added this to show it is a need to know principle if you don't know you don't know. You are not there yet. It doesn't mean or is not a mark against you as a Martial art, I have BB students that don't gather it value, as I tell them there is nothing wrong with Blunt Trama it been working since the Cain and Able.

I haven't Mastered it but I know it's there I have felt it and delievered it but I haven't Mastered neither aspect of it. I beleive this training has help me avoid a stroke, stress of anixety, depression and high blood pressure because I can control my body through concentration and breathing. Somethings are not solid or for all to see because they don't want to, but like the wind you don't have to know where it comes from, to know that it can be powerful.

I know alot of words that don't mean nothing if you don't believe, it all starts with a Question and the Mind researches it. There is really something to the quote that "The Mind is the Warrior's strongest weapon".

Sorry but this is HS from beginning to end. You start from the position that chi is real, rather than a historical TCM explanation based on virtually total ignorance about physiology and anatomy, itself probably inherited from the ancient Greeks, who had similar beliefs about the balance of humors regulating health. Chi has been extensively investigated scientifically and found completely unproved, for which read non-existent.

As for strengthening your internal organs, what does that actually mean? Your liver or kidneys are physically stronger? Prove it. This is more pseudo-medical nonsense that you cannot substantiate. I also prefer my liver soft, not hard, as I am led to believe it works better this way, hardening being an indication of sclerosis. If by "organ strengthening" you mean "more efficient", then, again, prove it instead of making faith-based claims.

Reduced stress and stronger muscles come from most forms of exercise-kata offers nothing special in this sense and this hardly amounts to the "healing" or "balancing" (an imbalance in The Force maybe?) that you are so desperate to defend.

Kata has a lot of benefits but this "first grader", as you choose to call me, has been practicing kata for a quarter century without seeing any "healing" take place.

Contrary to your claims, it is not "all about belief", it is about not making supernatural and metaphysical claims that you cannot be back up. And getting offended when someone calls you on it. You must have some very gullible students...