Creative wrote - Testimonies like these don't really carry much evidence and it is easy too look for what agrees with ones own thought and disregard what does not. Everyone does it, by nature.

I have an elderly relative, in their late 80's who practices Tai chi every day and lives happily. Similarly a friend who out lived doctors life expectancy by years, who practiced tai chi regularly. Sound good for tai chi? What if I said I lied and where i wrote tai chi should have said 'smoked 20 cigarettes'. both true examples.
456 - As I stated every bodies testimony is different, in deed there are 80-90-100 year old smokers but on average this not the case a person that lives a fit life usually lives longer. Bottom line if you were a gambling man which would you wager on.

But then again there are numerous cases where medical Doctors either couldn't or would not take time to cure a patince and Accupunture or herbal medicine helped cure them. This is a healing method that been done for centuries. Like you if I have muscular, bone or obvious internal injuries I go to a Western Doctor. But they don't know everything and I've personally experienced cases if you have Insurance they try to pad there books and keep you as long as they can as a paying customer. Again I then have to finsih things myself.

As in any discussion we will hardly ever totally agree on all topics but it is good to debate these issues and lay our cards out on the table.

I think our mission in such discussion shouldn't be to convince one another just to bring forth our finding and understanding based on our own reality.

Good discussion I'm standing by.

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