Creative wrote - Could you explain internal organ strengthening to me please.

456 - Without going into too much details by strengthening the body you strengthen the kidneys, heart, lungs and Brain, the more Oxygen the better these organ work. Recent Western science has produce what is called a Hyperbaric Chamber were the person is surrounded by Oxygen to enhance healing of wounds that are hard to heal. With breathing and mentally forcing the Ki/Chi to these different internal organs even the skin you strengthen them and heal the body. It's believed. All this is part of Iron Body training and Yoga. So you see Breath is Life.

456 quote - I beleive this training has help me avoid a stroke, stress of anixety, depression and high blood pressure.


Creative wrote - I think care should be taken when making specific claims like 'avoiding a stroke'. Does kata training result in the above? I don't think so specifically. I think you could be broader and say exercise reduces the above.

456 - I agree each person testimony is different but when you massage different parts of your body and the symptoms go away then it works for you. Should I lie and saying it didn't even when It's works numerous times. When you feel pressure build up due to multiple stressful moments and you use Ten Sho like breathing and relax thought and the stress and anixety goes away these are personel testimonies, other may have stroked out and no I wouldn't say this is for everybody no more then I would asked a noivce to handle live weapons like Kama and chain. It is a taught technic that one must be trained to use and believe in or it can be dangerous to the user.


456 - Somethings are not solid or for all to see because they don't want to, but like the wind you don't have to know where it comes from, to know that it can be powerful.

Creative - I guess you are talking about ki/chi. I don't know if the thread starter wanted to go down this route.
That you can't see ki because you don't want to does not make sense. if you don't want to feel the wind, do you not feel it? If you don't belive in electric and put your fingers in the plug do you not get a shock?
(Appologies if i've got the wrong end of the stick here!?)

456 - There is no wrong end of the stick what you believe is your reality and so we have this discussion. Really I was talking about the wind and its different forms and how our reality is what we believe. You are right I was parrelling the Wind to Chi, but not to electrity which there is no mystery in how it works giving your example. Weather the poster wanted to add Ki/Chi development into this conversation are not they are inseparable when discussing the connection of massage Chi channeling,healing and even destroying. As for posture imbalances notice the posuture of Sanchin or Ten Sho KATA or the Qi Gong exercises the body structure is aligned and rooted.

456 - Another testimony I visited a fellow Practionters dojo early one mourning to discuss joining our class to enhance training as we often did. That mourning an elderly couple was waiting the husband explained that Their WESTERN DOCTOR had given the wife 3-4 months to live, they decided to seek other help, they started coming to Sensei Anuibus through massage, herbal ointments and treatment her mobility and life force had improved. And she has lived 2 years past the Western Doctors diagnostic, the husband stated he was enjoying every minute of it. I only wish I was that good, I can only heal myself for right now.

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