For me, I used to enjoy doing kata before training as a kind of physical warm up, getting the blood flowing and stretching out muscles etc. I also enjoyed it as it mentally got me ready for training, i.e. I could concentrate on the movements and also forget my day at work.
Also after class I would sometimes use kata in a similar kind of way, as a wind down. To bring breathing under control, again light stretches and relaxing movements.

In this respect I could see how kata could be used to prevent injuries through warming up and cooling down.

As a method of healing. When coming back from an injury I could see kata being a very useful tool. One can regulate the intensity of the exercise whilst performing functional movements, i.e. kicks and punches etc. As an injury gets better so you can raise intensity and to some extent resistance by using deeper stances.

As for being used as a tool for improving muscular balance, I'm not sure it is all that useful. many kata do favour a particular side. But as prizewriter said, no where near to the extent that sparring bias' a certain side.

Neko said:

I personally use the Tensho and Sanchin for stress relife.

I can easily see how this would be the case and ofcourse is benifical to health.


Also external muscular, tendon and internal organ strengthening.

Could you explain internal organ strengthening to me please.


I beleive this training has help me avoid a stroke, stress of anixety, depression and high blood pressure

I think care should be taken when making specific claims like 'avoiding a stroke'. Does kata training result in the above? I don't think so specifically. I think you could be broader and say exercise reduces the above.


Somethings are not solid or for all to see because they don't want to, but like the wind you don't have to know where it comes from, to know that it can be powerful.

I guess you are talking about ki/chi. I don't know if the thread starter wanted to go down this route.
That you can't see ki because you don't want to does not make sense. if you don't want to feel the wind, do you not feel it? If you don't belive in electric and put your fingers in the plug do you not get a shock?
(Appologies if i've got the wrong end of the stick here!?)
"Its only pain, it wont hurt you"