The reason I started this thread was due to Karate's Chinese Influence. Shaolin Monks practiced Qi Gong sets in order to help heal themselves after training.

I suffered from concussion (post concussion syndrome) last year for about 6 weeks after banging my head really hard.

I would get terrible headaches, mental fuzziness, dizziness and nauesa at various times. During a severe headache, I did a 13 step Wu Taiji form. This form emphazied strong posture and upright stance, and movement while maintaining this stance. I can honestly say this helped with my symptons beyond belief. Before I finished the set my headache had gone.

My own belief from my limited know how and experience is that the postural changes that were brought about (particularly to my spine) are what helped relieve my PCS. Nothing magical, just relaxed, focused movement of Taiji.

A person could say that perhaps it was psychological i.e. I became better because I was doing something which I thought was "good for me" and would make me better. I don't buy that though. I did other things that benefited me (e.g. ate lots of fruit and veg while suffering from PCS) which I beleived to be good for me, but they didn't help relieve the symptons.

When I went to 2 different doctors with my PCS, they both gave me painkillers and told me it would clear up in several months. That is what going to the doctor got me.

I am not saying a person shouldn't consult a qualified doctor if they are unwell, but I also beleive that the body takes care of itself rather well and works wonderfully when we let it. Doing excercise (be it Yoga, Taijiquan, Pilates or kata) that helps stretch the body, correct posture, promotes good circulation, good nervous system function and doesn't put undue stress on the body is going to be helpful.

There was a recent study that put people with lower back problems in to 3 groups. One group were a self help book to deal with back pain, one group were given a set of movement excercises to do, and the final group were given yoga instruction. The yoga group reported the most improvement with symptons overall:

If doing something like Yoga, Pilates, Taiji or Kata can help you treat minor symptons (such as headaches or back pain) instead of medication, then I think that is something worth keeping an open mind about and trying out.

P.S. By imbalances I meant literal physical imbalances in a persons posture/body i.e. having bad posture and all the problems it can lead to. Not sure what others meant.
"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates.