"If you don't know you don't need to know, right now. Its sorta a need to know type thing that has worked for centuries. If you are closed mind to to it telling you how it works or what it is will only cause a debate."

Neko, patronise all you like. It only makes me think that you believe in some of this hokum like you might believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Alternatively, if you can actually explain what "imbalances" kata can sort out or what illnesses it can treat, then tell me. I am pretty over-educated and I might just understand.

I am not interested in argument for the sake of it but if you all just want to agree that kata smooths your "imbalances" or cures cancer or HIV or whatever with everyone too credulous to question this, then the whole thread seems a bit pointless.

FWIW I have never seen any evidence whatsoever of any healing benefits from kata practice. This is entirely distinct from the benefits of exercise (cardiovascular health, strength-building for example) and balance which could be obtained from most sporting and physical leisure activities.

If I am wrong, then show me some empirical evidence for the healing power of kata instead of just asserting it as if that was proof in itself.