I've been involved with training with in the martial arts for many years (Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, mostly Kung Fu). The last few years I also enrolled into a fitness program that uses kickbox aerobics as part of it;s over all program. I've have enjoyed this program for many reasons but recently they have made a concerted effort to retrain everybody on how to perform a proper punch.

They are telling us to fully extend the arm and to twist our rist until our thumb is pointing straight down and our pinky finger is point straight up. In all my years of study and training in the martial arts, I've not encounted this technique as a standard method for throwing a jab or a cross. I tested it one night and found that my elbow would be high and hyper extended and it would also put pressue on my rotator cuff (I've had shoulder surgery so I am sensive to pressure on my shoulders). After hitting the bag for a few minutes I also noticed that I using a great deal of my muscles in my neck and my neck was getting sore.

Has anyone else run into this type of punching technique? I've searched the internet and referenced martial arts books in the library and book store but I am unable to find any style of martail art that teaches this method. I also do not want to create any negative feellings at within this fitness program buiness, but I think they wrong to instruct others in this technique.
Punching technique
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