That incident occured more than a year ago, and we haven't had any repeats. After tempers cooled, (and without him getting what he wanted), we sat down and had a good talk about what happened. In the time since, I've worked with him on controlling his temper. This has included breathing exercises, walking away, and roleplaying more appropriate problem solving.
Yes, he did learn those things from me. We play fight a lot, and he has learned quite a bit of actual technique that way. Since he's shown a little more growth, I've begun working with him on wrestling and a little boxing.
Black Paladin, he's a good kid, no problems with other kids. He knows that he should only use his "moves" for self defense or when practicing with me. Frankly, I think the fact that it was ME, and he was used to interacting with me on that level, is the only reason he did what he did. Like I said, we haven't had any repeats, and hopefully won't.
Thanks for the input, just wanted to lighten things up a little.