I guess you got your point over and hopefully he won't try that again when he bigger and stronger. You did a good job controlling yourself and only spanked him. My question Is spanking something new for you guys?

Being a man that was brought up with corporal punishment from a young age until teen. As a 18 year old 1st kyu my Mom wanted me to wash dishes so that my kid sister could do home work. I didn't want to she playful used a mop to guide me toward the sink, I blocked and trapped the mop. She got angry and told me to release it, I did. She cracked me across my shoulders I fell to my knees (purposely so she would quit) she grab me an hugged me. And I got up and washed those dishes. The point I'm making was never did I think could I have taken her most likely, but did I want my Mom mad at me over dishes. No! Though bigger and probably stronger I never would have tried to really attacker her because I loved her and respected her from a little Lad to a grow a$$ 5th degree Black belt now. And I damn sure would not have tried to fight my Dad (unless he had gone crazy), his motto was I brought you in the world and I'll take you out. Bring your child up in the way that they should go and they will not depart from it.

Your situation turned out good for you I guess. But I wish my 2 grown boys would. I brought them in this world and I'll take them out ;-). Not really but they know better.

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