I thought I'd share a real life experience with the forum.
Without getting too specific, I had told a male member of my family that he couldn't have something he wanted, and that I was going to throw it away.
I turned my back on him, to go throw it away. Foolsih, I know, but I underestimated how enraged he had become. As I went down the hallway, he rushed up behind me, and punched me as hard as he could in the kidneys! I was shocked and stunned, and he took this opportunity to leap on my back, and sink a rear naked choke! At this point, I recovered from my surprise, and managed to drag him with me out into the living room. I dropped to a knee, and threw him over my back onto the couch. He sprang up and came at me again, but I managed to put him over my knee and give him a brutal spanking.
The "attacker" was my 5 year old son. We've since had a good talk about methods of controlling his temper, and that next time he needs to put the hooks in to keep from getting thrown.