Just an idea I got from another forum. How about an area where formal debates can take place between senior/more experienced members of FA.com?

Here is a link to a site which is doing this (Richarddawkins.net):


Here are the rules this site sets out:


I'm sure there will be a few problems such as who would be allowed to take part in the debate and I'm sure others.

I though would enjoy seeing debate between more senior individuals who perhaps have a better understanding about specific areas than the average member.

A moderated debate would also allow the participant to keep the debate on topic, without derailing from other members. Typically on the above site the members are able to make opening statements, followed by a structured debate then closing statements. Afterwhich others can comment (lol thus formal debate!).

I would enjoy to see the more experienced members and experts in their respective arts, put up against each other (not like that ), plus I'm sure it could spark new discussions in the main forums and would be good for us less experienced.

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