As I understood it, Simi Valley was not only overwhelmingly white but also home to a huge population of LAPD officers and employees. Am I remembering this right?

RE: Rodney King

Yep, I was here during the riots and for the life of me couldn't understand moving the trial to that venue. And yeah, Simi Valley is not hip deep in the multicultural, Baskin Robins 31 flavors mix you might consider the rest of California to be.

I am not African American and "I" still can't understand how the jury came up with "not guilty" for the cops after viewing the tape many times. Granted, not there in the courtroom, but still I scratch my head at that one. And I am never surprised when some DNA evidence exonerates some poor schmuck who's been in jail for 10 years for something he didn't commit.

BTW, not saying anything bad about cops or LEOs, but the occasional judicial belch that leads to these 'passes' on justice still rankles. Perhaps more so by their semi-rarity which highlights them even more.