I don't agree with that. Rodney King? Video can most certainly be used as evidence of improper action - as it seems to be in this case. Again, the situation is totally different in this case than what you are referring to.

As usual I am not exactly sure what you don't agree with. I don't recall stating that video CAN"T be used as evidence-that would be absurd-obviously it is evidence. Once again I am not using the last case because it is similar in nature. I am talking about the officers perception as being an absolutley critical component in the decision making process. To repeat myself-until we know what the officers perception of the threat was we cannot judge if the action was proper or not.
By the way in the California State trial the officers were found NOT guilty in the King Case. Why? Unlike most who had an opinion, a jury who heard the WHOLE case, not just sound bites on CNN, found no wrong doing.
The officers were found guilty in Federal court.