Police Use of Force 101-the officer may use reasonable force based on HIS perception of the events. Since we don't know his perceptions it is impossible to decide right or wrong.Rather than rush to judgement why not wait for the investigation by those who will gather all the facts to decide it.
What caused the police to come into contact with this group? If I recall they were taken off of a train-why?What was the reported crime-personal, property, violent, weapons involved?
If weapons were involved someone who refuses to put and keep their hands in plain view would be considered a threat. If you reach under your body in a prone position same thing.
Did the officer under stress draw his pistol instead of his Taser and accidently shoot the subject-it's happened at least three times-two times here in Minnesota that I am aware of.
Did the officer intentionally kill an unarmed man for no reason other than he had a badge, a gun and a bad attitude? I doubt it but that has happened also.
There is a large part of the story that has not been relayed in the media yet.Getting the full story takes too long and doesn't get ratings. If you don't know all the facts then any judgement is based on limited information.
All we really know is a man was killed by a police officer and it is on several phone videos. The officer at the advice of his counsel has resigned rather than be questioned. Five days after the shooting based on the media coverage rioting has broken out. I guess I never understood how being angry about someone elses perceived illegal actions justifies someone breaking the law.
You hae been advised to choose carefully..I would suggest you withhold judgement until the facts are known.