Lots of web resources, woodblock prints are complicated constructs often 1-4 people involved, old days yeah carver was long apprenticeship (maybe see artelino.com if I spelled that right) dependent on complexity one artists painting might require as many as 20 individual woodblock carvings, the printer had to be precise in overlaying one block coloring with the accumulating image. I own 4, my favorite artist is Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949) who was on the cutting edge of the use of playing with lighting. my prize is his print "Benkei Bridge at Night". older prints such as this will have artists' signature and red seal "True", seal of publisher, and since the carver was so important seal of carver often found. Newer prints are on different paper and often the artist is expected to also be the carver (downsizing in the woodblock print world, sigh). hope that helped.
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