Since my first day in my class (I've only been at this for a lifetime total of a month or two,) I've felt like a stranger in a strange land on several levels. It's nothing to do with anyone in the class - everyone has been incredibly welcoming and encouraging. But I get a strong dose of culture shock with some topics, and I've chosen to keep my guard up on some things until I get a better feel for the overall culture.

I'm the only woman there, and I know I'm one of the kewl kids because of all the testicular humor going back and forth. Honestly, I feel flattered. The other day I came in and the teacher mentioned that he saw his neighbor jogging that morning with no bra and I said "Cool!!" in all sincerity.

Which brings me to my question ... I scoped the room a little bit when I said that to see if anyone picked up on it, but I couldn't tell. Is the MA world gay-friendly? I ran into one of my classmates by chance today and we were talking about various love interests; I didn't want to, but I chickened out when it came to the personal pronoun. I didn't say "she," and I'm a little mad at myself for it.

Not that I plan to start crooning Indigo Girls tunes and evangelize, but my patience is short for this kind of skulking around. It's disrespectful to myself, to my mate, and to the people I'm lying to. And as I'm still trying to find my way in this group, I have other things much more worth keeping to myself anyway.

So ... I'm not asking anyone to speak for my own dojo (unless you recognize me from my couple of posts!) but what kind of controversy am I likely to stir up if I adjust my grammar? If anything I think a little money might change hands since I give off that vibe anyway.

So I'd love some feedback on this ... but I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to hold out. Closets are tedious, very tedious.
"A body at rest can not be stopped!!" - The Tick