I agree that a lot of the lack of atemi training in modern Judo relates to it being trained mostly for sport now. That being said, the atemi that is present in the kata's...well maybe there is another reason why many don't train it, lol. I think Judoka's simply realized that the strongest part of Judo is the throws, and, more importantly, the method of training those throws. I also think that that was the birth of the sport movement in Judo. In other words, modern Judo in the way it is, not because it lost it's self defense roots, but rather because it was distilled closer to its essence, at least that is the way I see it. I very much doubt that those who encouraged shiai to be a bigger part of Judo thought they were weakening the art.

I also think that modern Judo promotes self defense skills much more rapidly than many 'combat' or 'battle field' oriented JJ systems, and those s.d. skills are brought about on a more consistent, standardized level (due to a lot of randori, and the overall pedagogical approach).


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