The simple answer is no, there are no strikes in judo. There may be some schools that are self defense oriented and include some striking, BUT the vast majority(as in 99.9%) of judo schools teach no striking whatsoever. They are dedicated to the sport of judo which is throws on the feet, and pins, strangles and arm locks on the ground.

If you're looking for strikes with grappling then jujitsu is a better bet, but I advise you not to overlook Judo. The training is full-on and is a fantastic preparation for fighting because each person can go 100% effort all the time. It is, as Neko said, a rough sport which can lead to lots of injuries, indeed I have seen many more injuries in judo classes than in kickboxing and taekwon-do ones.

Lest we forget the Atemi Waza, Kodokan Judo has a set of striking techniques that are rarely taught by anyone and when you learn them for the first time you usually have a huge number of years under your belt. Enough years where you no longer consider the color of your belt of relevance in any conversation.