I am looking for your guidance

I have started Judo (1 lesson) and was told there are no strikes involved then I saw goshin jutsu kata performed on you tube by kodokan judoka. Read more into it via the google search button.

This has lead me to believe there are different schools of judo offering different things. Am I correct?

Does Judo have strikes or not, or is it dependant on the Instructor you have?

Thanks for you guidance and thoughts

Not only are there many brnaches of Judo there are usually two type Judo courses within the Art of Judo one is competitive the other more self defense verse. In modren times most dojo are more sport orinatted but being full resistance still useable in the right situation.

How old are you? I'd strecht alot and build up my ligaments with weight training and the dojo's exercises requirement. Judo is a rough and tumble art of controlling your opponents body and he yours.

Most sport Judo classes don't teach strikes this is more the self defense or combat side and closer to Jujitsu. The Combat/sd Judo part of the course will teach safe entry setup skills the main difference I see in Judo vs. JJ is that Judo tries to end things with a throw, JJ tries to end thing before or within the throw.

Funny thing is that BJJ concentrates more on the ground work of Judo (they work some of other things too), not used much in JJ unless they were capturing someone to be behead in front of the head of the Samuria klan, otherwise they just brough the head.

By the way I don't know how many different branches of Judo there are. I wonder if it even manners most only offer Judo with a twist or not.

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