Hi Hakutsuru,

Since you originally brought up this topic I thought I would add some of my own thoughts.

Thanks for the information sorta...who are these masters Lindsey sensei trained with (besides Yabiku sensei)? Where did Lindsey get his White Crane training? Taking kata, techniques from various sources does not constitute a system on White Crane. I think it would be Chinese white crane...don't you think?

By the way Yabiku sensei has had some shady training history when it came to Soken sensei. I have been led to believe (from very good sources) that Yabiku sensei was and is not teaching the white crane Soken sensei taught. What are your thoughts?

Just so you know these are my opinions, no need to bash me for my thoughts if anyone is considering it. This is a discussion forum if I remember correctly.

Thanks for your reply.
Paul S.
Imperial Crane Martial Arts
Maryland, USA