I cant say. I looked it up out of interest.
It all gets confusing.
I should imagine(imagine being the word here. Realy I wouldnt know) that if someone from Okinawa trained in white crane and passed on what they learned then that got passed on further. Hopefully someone still alive would have the end result of those earlier teachings.

The "crane" form called Hakutsuru.
It would be nice if it was demonstrated and then explained exactly what it is all about.
Meanwhile I have started working on using a fast whipping action using my hip/upper body to generate power in my strikes.
I have attempted to use what was described to me about what looks like sucking in the stomach to train uppercuts.
But still seem to use my conventional method under pressure.
Beyond that I am just getting fitter and just browsing about looking for alternatives when the dooms day of lack of weight training comes.