thanks ames for all these informaton. so bushido is more fighting and budo is more personal and inner, right? (kind of) ..

well i think one does not always go without the other. just as training for strength and training for size. no matter for which one of them you train, the other will increase too (maybe not in the exact % but there will be an increase).

i think following the bushido, in other word achieving personal growth to make you better in the battlefield, will also affect your everyday life and the way you live ur life.

the other way around i believe following the budo and living an all around better life will also make u better/stronger/or what so ever on the battleflied.

when the inner is stronger, the outter is too.

i dont know if one of these terms affects me outide the dojo. i practice MT. the only thing is that when i am outside the dojo i see the world with different eyes since i started MA. somehow i respect others more and i dont have to prove anything some anybody anymore since i know what i can do. i also have different ways of dealing with confrontations of any kind.

since the 1st time i did MT it was something that went right into my soul rather than just something i thought it was cool or looked great or will make me kick azz or something. for me it has some invisible spirit around it.

weird huh?

actually sounds a bit stupid doesnt it..? :/
do what you say and say what you do no pain no gain