Going back to the topic NewJitsu, why do you say that Budo is about peace and love? I'm actually interested to hear different takes on it. Perhaps you could fill out your thought a bit?


I guess I was being a little flippant when I said I interpreted 'budo' as being peace & love and all that. Although Japanese culture and history plays a part in the JJJ school where I train, it's more about technique developments than ethos. 'Budo', from my interpretation, was about respect - both for your fellow students and the art itself. I wandered into that e-budo website one day to find out more but found it very dull, I have to say. Arguments about lineage, etc etc. That's fine for some people, don;t get me wrong, but my eyes just glazed over. So I didn;t really give it much further thought. For 'bushido', however, that was much more my cup of tea. Fighting spirit, intent, commitment in a fighting / sparring situation. Bushido I apply to my MMA training, budo doesn't really come into it. But maybe that's to MMA's regret - I seem to encounter a lot of thugs and bullies in MMA. It usually doesn;t take long to get rid of them, but they watch UFC late night coming back from the pub and get the wrong impression. Anyway, I digress....
- Andy Trying to balance JJJ and MMA. And failing.