Kimo 2007 the real debate is just beginning. When I was growing up in the seventies it was the threat of global cooling. Try these sources for the debate that is over:

The Deniers, By Laurence Solomen which will give the names of scientists who doubt the hoax.
The Really Inconvenient Truth, by Iain Murray
Unstoppable Global Warming:Every 50,000 years, By Dennis Avery and S. Fred Singer.
Red Hot Lies By Christopher Horner( I heard him interviewed last week on Dennis Millers radio show)
And for a quick read on these subjects, The Politically Incorrect Guide on Global Warming, Which takes apart the IPCC report in one chapter.
As far as the overpopulation silliness goes, we can pack everyone on earth into the state of texas and have the same population density as New York city. If you'll notice as well, as societies become industrialized and wealthy the population starts to slow. You should read Mark Steyn's book America Alone, where he looks at the declining populations in the western industrial societies. I also have to say you are a bit of an elitist Cord for placing the judgement on how others make a living. Perhaps we should establish a committee to decide which lives are actually worth maintaing and then, if they fail to meet your judgement we could make them disapear. It never takes people on the overpopulated earth and global warming side of the argument very long to get to the lets get rid of large numbers of useless people so the enlightened people can live guilt free meaningful lives. If you notice, the guys on your side started the name calling first and you yourself have called for killing innocent people because they don't have intrinsic value. These are the ideas and thoughts I am talking about with the global warming and anti-population hoaxes. In each case they lead down the road of re-education camps and to killing people who do not think right. Shame on you Cord, even if you are a moderator.