I feel we are all trying to explain the same ideas, just like there are 112 yoga sutras yet some will suit our disposition better than others. Truth seems to be individualistic.

Yes I am still bound by desire, but I make valiant efforts daily to improve myself instead of others, and have been doing so for years. I know my own insanity, this is what I mean by glimpsing truth, your nature recognises itself.
I am however unattached to the need to be right and I get no enjoyment out of "picking holes" in the arguments of others. I'm trying to help, as your servant, and I am learning in the process.

Cord, I did spend years studying philosophy and science as a true seeker, but for the minute however I've given up the academic route and seek even higher happiness from practical experience instead. I love to improve myself and will read the book you suggest in an attempt to rid myself of my ignorance. (please understand that there is no mocking here, my post is sincere)

I will say though that I absolutely love love LOVE my life, not one iota of a lie. Most often I am blissful and peaceful and others notice and many want a taste. Others criticise and make themselves suffer as their remarks bounce off.

Again, it is best for me to bow out of the conversation as it seems to be harming some people which is completely unintended. My positivity could be placed somewhere more productive, and I will go on sending love letters without judgement until they are received, and in the meantime I receive your message in an open minded manner and will improve only myself.

Sticks n stones'll break my bones, but if I land the first one, you're in trouble!