Now, I know I'm no longer a spring chicken, but even the doctor said that I was the youngest person he's had come in with such a severe case as mine.
Periodically, my left ankle will get inflamed and be so painful that I can barely stand up. He x-rayed it and showed me what appeared to be a very large dome-like shape built up on top of the ankle bone! "Extreme Calcification" was the phrase he used. He gave me a shot to take down the swelling and pain, but told me that the only way to deal with it, was to eventually have it surgically cut out.
My question is if anyone here has ever had to deal with the same problem, and if so, how has it affected you (ie. any drawbacks to the surgery). Iv'e already had knee surgery for a blown ACL, and would prefer to avoid any more doctors cutting on me like a Thanks Giving turkey!
Any feed back is appreciated.
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