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The popular undefeated Welshman overcame a first-round knockdown to beat Roy Jones Jr. in a bloody one-sided unanimous decision Saturday night, delighting a raucous crowd at Madison Square Garden that seemed to be heavily in his favor.
After winning a close decision over savvy veteran Bernard Hopkins in April, Calzaghe has little left to prove on boxing's biggest stage, and few can fault him if he follows fellow British star Lennox Lewis into retirement at his peak.
"This year I just beat two legends, with Hopkins and Jones, and I came to the United States to do it," Calzaghe said. "I took the risk. They didn't come to me. I took the risk."
With blazing hand speed and a constant push forward, Calzaghe (46-0) opened a deep gash over Jones' left eye in the seventh round, forcing the ringside doctor to take a close look at it. The bout was allowed to continue, blood flowing down Jones' face, but it hardly mattered after that.
"Super" Joe indeed looked super.
All three judges scored the light heavyweight fight 118-109 for Calzaghe, as did The Associated Press, every round going to him after the first.
"The pitter-pats were harder than I thought," said Jones, who couldn't see out of his left eye in the later rounds. "I don't know. He won the fight. He definitely won the fight."
The numbers certainly back it up.
Calzaghe threw a staggering 985 punches, landing 344 of them, to just 475 for Jones, according to CompuBox statistics. The number landed by Calzaghe was the most by a Jones opponent in 31 fights tracked by CompuBox.

I have to admit I was somewhat surprised. I did not figure that Calzaghe would be able to avoid Jones' hooks - especially after seeing him get dropped by one inthe first round. I do wonder what the outcome would have beem if Roy had been in his prime, but it is what it is.

Props to Calzaghe! Cord must be doing backflips and cartwheels now, LOL.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin