Have you ever gotten out of a situation by lying. I feel like I took the weak way out. I just didn't feel that fighting was the way out. Today I had a man in my home repairing out gas furnace. Turned out to be an easy fix that took a few minutes. But he wouldn't leave. He ended up staying 45 minutes talking as I was trying to slowly work my way to the door with him. My two young kids were in the house playing. He kept getting closer - talking about his terrible temper. He kept asking where my husband worked and why we didn't have an alarm system. Talking about his wife and the things that drove him crazy that she does. I would back up and he would get close again. I finally ended up with my back against the closet door and he was close enough to hug me. The worst is that he kept rubbing his...uhh...family jewels. Finally I told him that my 300lb body building husband was on his way home for lunch and if I didn't have it fixed he would be very angry. He doesn't weight that much and he works out every now and again so it wasn't a total lie. The man was then ready to go. But he sat outside my home for 20 minutes just starring in the front window. My husband said I should have thrown him out but I didn't want to have to fight this strong man in front of my kids unless I had to. Now I feel like a liar and wimp but I still believe open hand open mind. Anyone done the same before?