The question states: "Who has the best STRIKES Karate or Boxing?"

The keyword here is strikes, i.e. striking techniques.

Footwork isn't/aren't strikes.
Shadow boxing isn't/aren't strikes.
Training methods isn't/aren't strikes.

If you want to discuss footwork and so on and relate it back to strikes, the question most appropriate would be something like: "Who has the best APPROACH or STYLE to/for striking?" Then you can add in factors such as footwork, training methods, sparring, supplementary training, etc.

However from the original question: "Who has the best strikes Karate or Boxing?" we must look at the keyword, i.e. strikes. Just plain striking techniques.

In this case, versatility of strikes and the form of these strikes (not usage, as that is approach/style) are the main factors to compare.

Therefore, I believe Karate has the best strikes due to their sheer versatility, and that some of the strikes in Karate do overlap with Boxing (and yes, in this way, Kung Fu would have better strikes than Karate).

If you want a fair comparison, simply get a Karate practitioner who trains, spars and develops like a Boxer, only that the striking techniques are from a Karate curriculum, then chances are the Karate practitioner would have the better strikes.

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