John likes to mention his valuable time...where exactly are you going and what is the rush? If you can't see immediate benefit you consider it useless? How very American of you.

To say you have no desire to spend your time doing Kata and believe it has no applicable value, is one thing your opinion.

But to call it useless and a complete waste of time, implies you have a certain fighting arts omnipotence that you frankly do not have, none of us do.

Kimo, take a break and your "anti-condemnation, condemnation".

The opinion that kata useless for developing functional skill is valid. I've explained my reasoning here and elsewhere. It's the way I see it, and that is what internet discussions are for. If people enjoy doing kata, that's great. Whatever floats your boat. I've always said that. But you know man, there are other people want to hear a critical voice on the matter as well. Some are not content to simply drink the koolaid. But if people enjoy it, bottoms up!


I have noticed that on this thread, the experienced Karate men have said very little or nothing, that doesn't surprise me. (with the exception of Dan who I think grew tired of trying to have a reasonable discourse)

This debate is like trying to show you something you have already decided you don't want to see.

I don't know about you, but this discourse HAS been reasonable by most standards Kimo. The fact that some people are unwilling or able to bring valid, logical points to the table doesn't make it "unreasonable".

Would it have been better if we all just agreed to agree? Or, just put the blinders on without any critical thought? That seems to be a very popular thing in some traditional martial arts!