http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tL9rGeKZGU This is a video Dan has posted before.

What did I say in my last post about this? I'll tell you what, I'll quote myself:

I wrote:

I've not seen his clips and don't care to. If he wants, he can provide a link to some. But let HIM do so if he chooses. Regardless, I probably won't leave a comment.

That's all I'm saying about this here.


.... what've makes you feel like you're being nice.

What makes me feel like I'm being nice when I don't criticize another's performance on a public forum??? Call it, a sense of decency maybe?

If a person asks me to and wants my honest opinion, I would STILL probably have a hard time doing so, to someone that I speak with on a regular basis and, someone whom I respect (and I do respect Dan).

You should know the deal here bro. I have respect for everyone here, providing they show it to me.