About using Karate in sparring, Dan uses it in sparring just fine, and older fottage of Karate training on Okinawa shows it being used. It obviously can work. Unless a person has a lot of exposure to boxing (and most today do)they'll use they're style. ld Karate fighters rarely fought like boxers at all.

I've not seen Dan's sparring. I don't typically look at "member videos" because I'd be hesitant to make comments. I'm not into attacking people personally. Dan may spar like a demon, I don't know.


But of course video footage doesnt mean anything right Jkogas?

The videos you provided were bad. The first two identified karate guys vs. karate guys. The last was complete garbage.

Storm, do you even understand why the PKA adopted a more boxing like structure?


Ah so when we have a good demonstration of Karate in action, you get evasive. Wonderful. You can always pm me with your opinion on it but of course you wont. It might actually back up my point pretty well.
Anyway I'm not just trying to show that Karate works agaisnt boxing but that it can work in general in fighting/sparring.

And again, boxing is good, jsut not the be all end all.
What about Lyoto Machida? I've seen a number of Karate techniques in his fights, especially Shotokan style sweeps. He's punching has a somewhat Shotokan like flavor to them.

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