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Product: Century Wrap Gloves
Manufacturer: Century
Date of Review: 10/30/2008
Web Link (if available):
Price: $59.99

This is a high quality fingerless glove that allows for grappling as well as striking. The style is commonly known today as an 'MMA' glove.
This is made of leather with foam padded inserts at points of contact. It has a wrist wrap for wrist support, and a closed palm design that contains a cushioned grip bar.

Reviewer's Use:
Used these gloves for approximately 7-8 years. Sparring has been intermittent, however. They have also been used as bag gloves by gyms in classes where such is required.

These are the only gloves I have ever used. They've been used in both Tae Kwon Do and Jiu-Jitsu for both striking and grappling.

These gloves are perfectly comfortable. They actually seemed to fit better as time went on, almost conforming to my hands.
The leather is very sturdy. None of the stitchings have ever come loose and no part of the glove has ever ripped or torn. These are very solid.
Each martial arts instructor or school will have to decide whether to allow these. The padding is different than a foam glove, and the leather feels different when hit with them; it feels more solid. The padding is definitely there, but these should probably only be used by adults or young adults. That said, they are perfect for varied techniques; open hand, closed fist, take downs, groundwork, etc. My one concern is that the 'cushioned' grip bar is there. First, I don't like the idea of a grip bar. I want to be able to close my fist properly, and learn to do so. Second, it's not THAT cushioned, and I would feel better with open handed techniques if it wasn't there. I don't want to hurt someone. Fortunately, it looks like it would be simple to extract.

Overall product score: 10/10
Great all-around product. A bit pricey, bit it will last a LONG time, unlike foam gear. The grip bar issue is too minimal to warrant a reduction in product score, and some people may like it.