Hi! I am looking to get new foot gear, and was trying to find info on vinyl vs. foam, and maybe reviews on some specific products like Century vs. Velocity.

Anyway, I eventually came here looking, and was thinking that it might be worth putting up a section for such things.

Perhaps a "Product Review" category, which could then be broken down into sections like "Books, Videos, Sparring Gear, bags/targets, fitness, misc."

This would allow us to leverage the wide variety of experience contained in the members of this site, helping all of us to determine what products on the market are good, bad, ugly, or painful (yay pain!). Seriously, as popular as the martial arts have become, it's still a bit "specialized" and you don't see a CNET for martial arts, as an example. I can go there for reviews on electronics, how nice would it be to have a review section for heavy bags, sparring gear, training tools, etc.?