Howdy folks,

Been a while since I've posted here, or even visited here for that matter. So, first off, Hope you're all doing fine.

Here it is:

So, I was sitting at the dinner table after a long, ridiculously redundant night of work, and I began to ponder. I was sitting there, eating my tasteless meal, forming conjectures about various tasteless subjects, and then began reflecting on my Quickly-Becoming Tasteless routine. Tired, I am, of busting my arse for peanuts and not even recieving any self worth out of it. You know, when you have that job that you never really wanted, and you begin to feel stuck there, and you have this sneaking suspicion / dread that it is slowly becoming a career? Ya, there it is. I work overnight at a large grocery store chain now stocking shelves, and it's something I've done on and off for a lot of years of my life, but I've now begun to dig a groove into it, and fit myself "Comfortably" in that groove. In fact, I just got a promotion. I believe my arse-print is now firmly embedded in that groove. That scares the crap out of me, frankly. I have to do something. But I know not what. I have no direction, not even an inkling, but I do have this doubt that if I TAKE a direction, it'll be the wrong one, and i'll be no better off. But here i go, starting from the end. Woops.

I want to do something in law enforcement. I want to be a police officer, and hopefully work my way up through years of dedication and good work ethic to a higher "platform" of law enforcement (I.E. FBI, DEA, ...anything really, at this point). Do I have a military background? No. School? No. Just a GED under my belt. I'm 25 this december, and really have nothing to show for it. Granted, I'm a heck of a lot better off than I was a few years ago, but it just ain't enough. I feel like I need to be doing something.

Obvious first step in my mind, since there is no prior military record on my resume, would be school. Right? Just take a couple years of core classes, and fit in a criminal justice course? Work my way up to a university and end up spending six years in school? Would taking any specific courses expedite the process, or make my application more desirable to employers out there? What courses? And How many years, realistically, would it take as a police officer, before I can begin to set my sights on another law enforcement agency? Or is it a wasted hope without a military background?

Please, I've always felt that the advice given here on a serious topic to be solid advice. That's all i'm looking for. Somebody with knowledge on the subject, who can point me in a direction, or even to a sign in the road that has a direction.

PS. The comment "Higher platforms of law enforcement", or something to that effect in regards to FBI, DEA vs Police was not meant to be disparaging or disrespectful to any police officer out there. It's really just my own goal ..or rather, a goal I'd like to have. Take no offense, if possible.
Regards, -Ket "Life is a myriad of probabilities. Living is a plethora of possibility."