Hi Paul,

So you do Crane in the home of the Crabs (Bad joke but I'm originally as Southern Penna boy <GRIN>.

The advent of Crane/Hakutsuru has been a minor martial phenomena and I've enjoyed tracking it. I've actually studied one of the above forms, shared by a friend, but have never included it in my students studies.

Partially because an Isshirnyu stylist is that of a Dragon, and I do teach my brown belts a from from my friend Ernest Rothrock (Lung Le Kune - supple dragon). The reasons are complex but it recently struck me it was appropriate for an Isshinryu stylist to study Dragon after all.

And of course do you want to bring a 'crane' to a 'dragon fight'. Spoken with gentle gest of course.

It's great you're able to participte in your systems Crane studies, but it remains mystifying how Crane is continuing to be revealed.

the wonders of the modern era.
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