Hi Rosanne,

Among the many mysteries, with the exception of Matayoshi Shimpo's crane forms, and the old movie of Soken Hohen doing something crane (whether that was Hakutsuru or not ?) there is little of other Okinwans' doing Crane.

About 20 years ago there started being a long series of articles in several magazines building up Hakutsuru mystique (most of them written by George Alexander) and over the years Crane kata started appearing such as George Alexander then John Sells, and onward, to today where almsot every week somebody's posting a new one, and some instructors teach dozens of them, and none of them are Chinese Crane stylists (that I'm able to ascertain).

I don't care what others do, and if you can drop someone with what you do, great, it's just there is little historical validation to any of those crane kata that I can find.

Just one of the MA's little secrets perhaps?

Btw, as I undesrtand it, Matayoshi Shimpo, felt the real value to his Crane forms was for health, not fighting.

I keep looking, who knows what is next?
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