Outside of that, I am never going to by the whole chakra/chi/ki/qui/force thing, but then, I am a barbarian who loves the reality of the real.

I believe that the whole idea of chi is a great way to teach people how to use their bodies and this is my only reason for saying it. Chi by it's very nature is nothingness (for myself) and therefore doesn't exist. Once understood, it should be forgotten because anything you do to increase it thereafter will only take you further away from it.

The idea of kundalini and chakras is that once you stop your nervous system from firing unnecessarily, it begins to vibrate with a nice steady hum. AUM! Since the central nervous system (CNS) consists of the brain and spinal cord, this is where the vibrating chakras (again I don't think they are real) seem to be located. The most powerful chakra is the third eye, and this is because preventing the brain from overfiring (which is obvoiusly where the majority of the neurons are located) will give the greatest results in terms of relaxation. I therefore believe that kundalini is simply a very relaxed CNS, and not the spirit of a God. In fact I don't agree with many of the notions that most meditators speak about such as spirituality (an awful word), clairvoyance (the seeing ghosts kind) etc. It's words like these that make intelligent people run a mile and prevent them from meditating and regulating their CNS, although maybe I just haven't realised yet. It's just such a good way to learn and to explain the idea of relaxation, but once learned it should be forgotten about becase in my opinion, its BS.
Regulate your CNS and you eradicate the vast majority of stress from your life and become much more aware of your surroundings, this is what I really mean by opening the kundalini. It is possible to have many transpersonal experiences in the process of doing so. These experiences are recognised by psychologists and this is what I mean when I say samadhi.
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