I read somewhere that 5% of adults in the developed world meditate. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but you can guarantee that most of these people began meditating to achieve a calmer mind.

What most people aren't aware of is that while a calmer mind is one of the benefits of meditation, it is not what the practice is actually for.

First you work on the body, relaxing muscular tensions. You will find eventually that everytime you have a thought, it creates an actual physical tension, usually somewhere in and around the spine and brain (CNS). As your mind gradually becomes clearer, your body will move more fluidly, and you will be able to let go of unhealthy emotions and feelings.

Then one day your mind relaxes completely and you are suddenly hit by how the mind and body are supposed to work. In psychology this is called a peak experience. It feels like your body vibrates from your feet to your head, and you'll feel absolutely fantastic. You may have had such experiences spontaneously even if you don't meditate.

This vibration which you will actually sense physically will feel like an army of ants are marching up your spine and flowing out of the top of your head. Yogis call it the kundalini, the proper use of prana. It is your chi/ki and when you feel this sensation it is flowing at a very high level (I'm aware that some many know this already so please forgive me if you find it at all condescending).

The true purpose of meditation is to open this vibration and have it flowing 24/7. As ridiculous as it sounds to a non practitioner, it's the truth. We are dealing with a vibration that you will feel physically. Without it, there is no chance of awakening to find peace.
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