Nihonto vs. Shinken vs. "Katana"
Smiths allowed to make only as moderator Mahan notes, to be Nihonto or Shinken Japanese Law requires the use of only the Japanese iron Tama Hagane as moderator Cord noted. Limit on number of swords to leave country and prior to this, strict inspection must yield a Legally binding unique registration number on card which is typically attached to really nice sword bag and must stay with sword, there may be an estimation of quality of blade on registration card, Swords made by smiths designated National Treasures stay. If a sale is made registration card must be transferred to new owner via Japanese Gvt and some cash unless the sword is made for you. as an aside I believe that 1095 is no proof of authentic Nihonto (new or real Japanese sword/also art sword)...Shinken (as Nihonto except not art sword, but a sword made for combat). try
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