I've been thinking about this also. I'd gladly see my FAQ thread disappear from the stickies if it's stifling discussion amongst beginners. I'd keep a copy of it, of course, for posterity; but I think that if I were a beginner coming here, I might believe that every question I might have is covered in the FAQ (which is clearly untrue) and hence decide to avoid posting.

So feel free to un-sticky and lock the FAQ thread I started if it suits your purposes.

I also think that we should drop the STAOAQI usage too, I've always found them off-putting. Sure, when someone's asking about a topic which can only be learned practically, then it's a good suggestion to finish with, but perhaps it's best to start with a theoretical explanation first before STAOAQIing.

One more thing. I don't visit the Beginner's forum much but I notice that there are a heck of a lot of WARNING stickies in the forum. I'm thinking that they should be consolidated into a single sticky so that we don't scare people away with our forum rules. I remember when there was just one sticky there and it was much more friendly.

Have a read through the Introduce Yourself thread and you'll see that there were tonnes of people who arrived here and posted like 10 posts and left. Notice also that the last person to have used that thread did so in November 2007! I think it'd be a good idea to just delete the thread altogether and either start a new one or just let people introduce themselves in their own threads.

I'm even beginning to think that we should allow the "school-yard fight" threads back into the self-defense forum to repopulate it and I remember what a disaster those used to be...

P.S. I'd also like it if you could delete the links in the FAQ thread I wrote which don't link to anything anymore.

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