Guys and gals, i have been giving much thought to the site's decline in content recently, and come to a conclusion that I would like yout opinions on.

There has been a real lack of 'new blood' on this site of late, and it is leading to stagnation. New members are having trouble establishing their identities, and many are 'lurking', not participating.

Why? i believe they are merely respecting established members wishes. Did you ever consider that by telling new people to 'read existing threads/stickies/faq's' we are saying 'here is the answer, you couldnt possibly have an opinion valid or interesting enough to elaborate on the topic'

How arrogant is that!?

FAQ's for site rules and navigation benefit are fine, but FAQ's on discussion topics are a barrier to engaging new brains in discourse.

I intend to evaluate the need for all my 'sticky threads' in my forums, and also to be less complacent in discussing FAQ's with new posters from now on. Much of the time, these are 'safe' questions that allow wider discourse to grow from.

What do you think?
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