Sure-I was in the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) for a few years, a now-defunct (I think) organisation then headed by the late Enoeda Sensei and linked to the JKA. I spent two years, rather wasted, at a Shotokan group I forget the name of under BASKA (British All Styles Karate Assoc) and then spent many years under Mike Springer, now a 7th Dan in his 60s (I would guess by now) with his small organisation Ashanti, a superb Shotokan technician, especially his kata, also highly graded in Okinawan kobudo. In fifteen years or so, I never saw him put a foot wrong, as far as I can remember, always fast, fluid, perfect-looking Shotokan. Like I said, the last five or six years I have been with Kissaki, ultimately headed by Vince Morris, which I really enjoy because it is totally focused on practicality and it gives me the answers to the questions I always had about the meaning and application of the Shotokan kata syllabus that I spent so long learning.