The "super-duper TMA techniques" will not work flawlessly. But a TMA fighter will have the goal to make them work, and sometimes they will.

To test effectiveness of TMA techniques, they do have to be tested against a resisting opponent. They have to be taken to the point just before causing serious damage, then released or at least loosened. In a MMA environment, this compassion may cost you the fight.

As far as "no rules challenges", there is/was no such thing unless the competitors are/were willing to go to prison.

IMO most serious (TMA) techniques come from ground or clinch/very close range, but just because something is a ground or clinch technique doesn't remove it from being a sport technique. This is defined by intent of the technique (hurt or maim/kill). MMA techniques are designed to hurt and result in a KO or submission. The same can be said for most punches and kicks.

I think this covers your points (in a random order).

I believe the main difference of opinion we have is that you don't believe there are effective techniques outside of what is used in MMA. I believe there are. Maybe someday we can meet and demonstrate our points. I am not sure there would be any other way to sway eachothers opinions. (And no, I'm not challenging you to a fight. No reason to get my butt kicked over some silly beliefs)