Hey guys, since there seem to be so many "d00d that's t3h fake" internal threads floating out there, I thought this might be a good time to do this:

Let's give examples of weird body stuff you've seen people do, and someone with the proper knowledge can extrapolate how they think the physics of it works.

Let's steer clear of talk about the actual martial aspects and uses of parlor-trick generating skills and just focus on what people think they are doing.

Here's my example, and hopefully one which is non-controversial: I've met and been able to train with folks who can stand in bascially a natural posture (feet on the same line), and are damn near impossible or at the very least extremely difficult to move by simply pushing forward...I realize that this is just some kind of micro adjustment of posture, but I'm wondering is someone can explain the physics in a precise way.

Obviously what I am desribing here isn't a technique, but I have been exposed, -and am lucky enough to train with- people who can put similar principles into actual usage.

So yeah, this is not a thread about whether or not you think this is possible, it definitely is and has happened, and there are dudes out there who can do this kind of thing, I just want to have a reasonable discussion (and hopefully get some understanding of the physics myself - i'm clueless in that area) about this sort of thing on it's own merits, not as a larger question of whether it's good or bad training.

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