I understand that the word "best" often precedes either very short or overly conflicted topics in discussion, but I wanted to ask about how or even a specific IMA is "better" for healing/self-restoration?

I mainly practice what would likely be called "external"; Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Eskrima with a small bit of a hybrid Japanese/Chinese system. Through that last one, I am learning bit by bit a Wuxing Quan focused cirriculum of Xing Yi Quan.
The more "soft", meditative training and forms are an absolute delight for me in light of the harder training I do.

I have also heard as most people that insofar as "self-restoration" and self-healing is concerned Taijiquan is better than more "martially" inclined IMAs like Pa Kua &/or Xing Yi.

Why it peaks me enough to even ask, is because as a kickboxer my back is put through the ringer. Also, I have the beginnings of a nasty pinched nerve in my back from overworking my right arm(the two weapon arts and all the jab work does the trick nicely) and an old injury from when i was trying to outsmart being stupid during a grappling match.

So, perhaps a better phrasing is if there is a particular IMA that is known for helping soothe the back & joints that is out there, if such a thing exists.

Further, even if so, is there a way a perosn can practice something like Xing Yi so as to foster that kind of soothing effect on back & joints, should I be ina situation where I could not immediatly find a solid instructor in a/the "better" art?

Thank you much ahead of time for any and all replies.
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